Wunderbar - 2011

Wunderbar nurtures a culture of curiosity by bringing audiences and artists together on journeys of intrigue and wonder.

We worked with the team to produce the branding and marketing design starting with their inaugural festival in 2009, designing a system of logos which could be used as a standalone pictographic mark, a standalone typographic mark or a combination depending upon its application. The final ‘Paper Plane’ logo was warmly received, creating a very striking and iconic image which hinted at the playful and spontaneous nature of the programme.

The printed marketing campaign evolved using the components of the logo which could be endlessly reconfigured into new patterns and coupled with a series of abstract phrases or sets of words which all subtly hinted at individual events. Delivered in striking full colour plus special pantone colours, and with a unique sizing consistent across all formats, the resultant print was instantly recognisable and importantly generated the buzz Wunderbar required. The website continued the aesthetic, powering a complex and detailed programme system, hosted a vast selection of media and afforded numerous social media and on-site entry points for the audience and participants to contribute.

In 2011 we were very pleased to have the opportunity to expand upon this thinking and visual direction. The Wunderbar aesthetic is dazzling, bold and standout which matches the nature of their events. We built upon this very distinct identity to include interior design for their city centre hub space, street signage indicating participating venues, team apparel and wayfinding.

The print campaign focused on having the programme as the key information source, and fewer ‘teaser’ pieces in favour of driving audiences to the redesigned website, and downloadable Wunderbar app.

In 2013 we retired our position as Wunderbar’s designers but still regard this body of work as one of the most creatively rewarding projects we have had the pleasure of being involved with.