Winter North Atlantic – Phonautogram - 2013

Phonautogram is the third Winter North Atlantic album, released on the Alt.Vinyl imprint in October 2013 and described by The Wire as  “A work of consummate craftsmanship, as detailed and delicate as an old fashioned timepiece”.

We designed a custom-made 12” sleeve with minimal four panel insert and a complementary digipak edition. The artwork features Phonautogram Test Piece, Sound of the Big Bang (2010, soot on paper) by artist Ander Mikalson. Leon Scott’s phonoautograph was the first sound-recording device. Predating Edison’s phonograph, it turns sounds into images, producing intricate, smoky drawings – but offering no means of playback. Using the original 1850s patent manuscripts, Mikalson built a functioning phonautograph and recorded the sound of the Big Bang (as rendered by astronomer Mark Whittle). The resulting series of images is therefore a record of the first sound, recorded by the first sound-recording device. The cover image was the first phonautogram in the set.