VARC – Artist Publications - 2013

Visual Arts in Rural Communities (VARC) run an annual Artist In Residence programme in Tarset, Highgreen. With each residency VARC aims to achieve a balance between the opportunity for the artist to develop and exhibit new work, and the opportunity for local people to benefit from the programme of engagement with the artist.

We had the pleasure of designing end of residency catalogues since 2008 for artists Imi Maufe, Jilly Morris, Jenny Purrett, LEO and Ingrid Pollard. Each publication reflects the broad spectrum of mediums and residential approaches these individuals have taken, documenting works ranging from compact exhibitions transportable by bicycle, to grafitti constructed from traditional dry stone walling, long exposure photographs produced in a homemade camera obscura tent, to expressive large format drawings made with controlled gunpowder fires and buckshot.