Trigger Shift - 2012

Trigger Shift is a unique digital project which aimed to nurture and educate young people interested in the relationship between technology, music and art. Mentored by a series of creative professionals, designers and programmers, Trigger Shift culminated in a series of performances and events produced on hacked Xbox Kinects, with all output having been authoured by the programme’s participants.

We designed a logotype which encapsulated a visual nod towards the whole being dependent on its constituent parts, and a sense of there being space to grow within its boundaries. The regal purple accent colour is matched by a series of light and dark grey tints in digital application, and set against textured recycled greyboard in print.

The website afforded an opportunity to expand the austere graphic identity with some playful Processing sketches used as page backgrounds, generating unique images which track the visitors navigational movement through the content.