The British Council – New Playgrounds Publication - 2014

The British Council worked with FutureEverything to author New Playgrounds: An Introduction to Hacks in the Arts as a tool to share experiences on how hacks work, and how the thinking and outcomes can produce long-term systemic change. It also highlights the practitioners who pioneered this collaborative event format in the UK, and with whom the organisation continues to work on global projects.

As a digital-only publication we wanted to ensure that the structure, ease of use and aesthetic were effective and memorable enough that it became an oft-consulted resource rather than another PDF to be stored and forgotten. We created a high contrast duotone colour palette which rotates with every successive section, and a complementary suite of graphic patterns which all connect to the themes of that section. Each pattern was generated through an analogue process before being digitised to give it an intentionally imperfect edge and to sit in contrast to the familiar slick vectors and generative abstract images of the ‘tech’ lexicon.