Sabina Sallis – The Source of Resilience publication - 2015

The Source of Resilience was a comprehensive exhibition encompassing installation, moving image, photography and drawings by polish artist Sabina Sallis. Hosted at The NewBridge Project in February and March 2015, the multidisciplinary body of work on show represented the culmination of a significant research project by the artist, investigating the seeds of mythology and how it relates to contemporary understanding of the world around us.

We worked closely with Sabina to devise a logical structure for the catalogue, segmenting drawings, still images, photographs and collage, developing a corresponding style for presenting each so that the visual pacing subtly shifted each time the medium changed. The final selection was curated from a vast archive of possibilities, with a focus on discovering and connecting common thematic, structural or colour properties in the work.

The resultant publication was produced as a short run A4, perfect bound catalogue, with a combination of uncoated and silk stock. A limited number were made available to purchase via NewBridge Books.