Preslav Literary School - 2010

Preslav Literary School (Adam Thomas) ran a tape loop workshop leading to an 11-member tape loop orchestra performance in Newcastle. Members of the orchestra include Machinefabriek, Poldr, Posset and Ben Freeth of Bong. The recordings were mixed and mastered by Berlin dubstep producer Lord Cry Cry.

Adam approached us to design the packaging for a limited edition vinyl release. We worked together to define an aesthetic inspired by the samzidat movement, 70s design and DIY publishing mediums. The cover is comprised of several components which slot together to form the finished impression of a cassette casing, with the tracklisting and supporting essays printed on the folded insert. The whole scheme is restricted to greyscale, plus a single colour to add depth to the layers of packaging when compiled.

The covers were hand screen printed by our good friend Savwo, inner photography by Marion Auburtin.