Newcastle University Students Union - 2014

NUSU is the heart of the student experience for Newcastle University students, offering a hub in which to really live, work and play. Housed over four floors of an iconic red-brick building in the heart of the campus, and the beneficiary of an £8 million improvement 2011, NUSU’s online presence was failing to accurately capture the full extent of the experiences and services it offers and the community it nurtures, so a redesign and build project was devised to coincide with a migration to a new CMS / CRM suite.

We worked closely with NUSU’s digital project manager to devise a workflow which efficiently scoped and reviewed the existing site’s complex structure and vast volume of content, analytically assessed the key user journeys and touchpoints, and generated a subsequent scheme which simplified and brought immediacy to the navigational user experience. This was tested and refined in collaboration with the organisation’s marketing team and steering group comprised of senior management, sabbatical officers and consultants, before progressing into a design treatment which consolidated and updated NUSU’s existing brand guidelines for digital applications, with aspects of the graphic identity found in the physical experience of the building.

The site’s architectural and content strategies remain robust whilst the built-in flexibility of the key layouts afford admins the opportunity to tailor campaigns and department pages with individual signature. The use of vibrant photographic imagery throughout subtly reinforces the exuberance and energy of the Union, instilling a sense of collective ownership amongst its members.