Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme – Whale Shark Festival Awards - 2015

The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme worked with local islands and international artists to produce the second annual Maldives Whale Shark Festival staged in December 2014. The organisation wanted to instigate a friendly competition amongst participating groups and approached us to create a series of trophies for the victors to keep for a year before returning to defend at the following festival.

With the intention that they would regularly change hands, and the distance they had to travel to arrive in the Maldives, we had to produce something which would be robust enough to survive some knocks, but with an elegance that made them desirable objects to proudly display. We worked with The Laser Cut Hut to fabricate the circular forms based on the logo design from multiple layers of ply, before gluing and hand finishing each one with a subtly different shade of wood stain and a final coat of varnish. The final pieces were lightweight enough to transport but reassuring sturdy, continued the distinct graphic language of the organisation, and certainly went to two well deserving homes for the next year.