FutureEverything Singapore - 2015

FutureEverything worked in partnership with the Singapore Government to design a festival as the flagship digital culture component of SG50, Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations. As the UK’s only contribution to SG50, FutureEverything was challenged to create an outcome that was uniquely Singaporean.

We created a campaign identity based on the concept of Singapore’s flagship ‘Smart Nation’ aspiration, the national vision of using technology to improve lives and business. Immediately arresting, it connoted a sense of the entire country being empowered and benefitting from the advocacy of technology. The identity suggests a nation which is kinetic, connected and adaptable, an outline of the country constructed from components which can be reconfigured, a subtly simplified form which remains recognisable. It can be be flexibly abstracted, or applied with a gradient to give it a more defined or amorphous quality as needed.

From this foundation we created all visual deliverables for the programme from the initial proposal documents through to stage setting, bannering, interpretation material and way-finding across multiple city locations, conference brochures, crew apparel and on-screen graphics, to a post-event digest document.

The programme was universally well-received with an incredible physical audience attendance of 60,000 and a total engagement of nearly 230,000 in just nine days.



Event photography courtesy of FutureEverything