bait - 2013 - Date

bait is one of 21 Creative People and Places projects taking place across England, funded by Arts Council England. The organisation works in partnership to support more people in South East Northumberland to create and take part in inspiring and high quality arts experiences, and is managed by a consortium run by Woodhorn Charitable Trust. All projects aim to build a stronger future for the people who live there.

Following the consortium’s successful bid in 2013, we were invited to refresh the working identity and create a complete graphic language for the project, deliver a fully responsive website and CRM, and oversee all print deliverables over the first phase of bait’s activity up until 2016. Drawing from the titular colloquial term for food, we adapted the outline of a very distinct metal ‘bait box’ used by miners for decades to become the form of the icon, and a nod to the notion of the project as being fuel for creativity and learning. We revisited the typographic treatment, adding finesse with the introduction of alternate weights and a flexible underpinning grid system, and developed an illustrative style capable of capturing a sense of dynamic motion and with a focus on people first. This has been rolled out across posters, banners and environmental signage, and campaign graphics.

A key print deliverable is the biannual advocacy magazine, initially developed in 2014 as a platform to highlight the progress and success of projects and participants across the region. Its blend of documentary photography, reproduction of original creative works and editorial focus on the communities and individuals involved have proved to be very popular, instilling a genuine sense of ownership and achievement amongst its readership, and acting as a fascinating archive of the broad spectrum of work being produced.

The website is a continually evolving hub – initially centred around a timeline encouraging audience and participant involvement, it has gradually transitioned into a rich resource of case studies and a space for review incorporating back issues of the aforementioned magazine and monthly newsletters.