Artists’ Livelihoods - 2016

Artists’ Livelihoods is the first comprehensive study in over a decade of how visual artists in England live and work. The project, delivered by a-n The Artists Information Company and commissioned by Arts Council England aims to listen to and document the realities of practising as a visual artist, as well as providing an opportunity to inform future initiatives. The findings will help to focus support where it is most needed to ensure a resilient and diverse visual arts sector.

We were approached to design a campaign identity which encapsulated the often blurred boundaries between professional creative practice and earning a living. We developed a typographic treatment which avoided being too medium, artist or artwork-specific, and devised a series of words which pertained to the themes of Work, Life and Money; aspects of being self employed, financial considerations, workflow, professional development, personal growth. These were hand rendered then digitised to maintain a rougher, more textural edge to the text and compiled to form a map in outline. Viewed as a whole, its immediately recognisable as being England, but equally functions as a cropped detail to focus on a selection of phrases where space is restricted.

The Artists’ Livelihoods campaign was rolled out across all of a-n’s online platforms, with a suite of assets provided for their partners’ digital presences including adverts, buttons and social banners. The identity will carry through to the final study upon publication and all supporting marketing collateral.