artisan - 2014

artisan is a modern restaurant serving British inspired menus using the finest regional and seasonal ingredients. Heading up the kitchen is North East Chef of the year winner Andrew Wilkinson. Sourcing from the fields, the foragers and the fisherman, Andrew and his team are inspired by daily hauls from our local producers, to create menus which balance a delicacy of technique with an intensity of fresh flavour.

Whilst the restaurant is an extension of the Biscuit Factory’s focus on excellence in arts, leisure and lifestyle experiences, we acknowledged that this new brand would benefit from a distinct identity and positioning to reinforce its autonomous existence outside the usual operating remit of the main gallery building. The white space and neutral typography of the arts and events visual language give way to a monochrome core palette and minimal mark, permitting the ruddier hues and textural nature of the supporting photography to inject subtle glimpses of colour. The tight crops and shallow focus of many of these images reinforces the creative connection, attention to detail and craft intrinsic across all aspects of the Biscuit brands.

The website continues this theme to showcase aspects of the venue, the food and the dining experience, inviting guests to visit to complete the sensual experience on offer. A focus on mobile-friendly browsing, the ease of navigation and a content strategy which reinforces the lifestyle beyond the dining room all contribute to a functional online platform which encourages regular in-depth browsing and interaction.